Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well we had yet another death in our family. My husbands stepfather passed away. The last 5 months have been very hard for our family. We got the news a few weeks ago and packed up and headed to Indiana to be with family. We returned home just a few days ago and we are recovering from what feels like a whirlwind.

While we were up north my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary. We were able to take a bit of time and remember to be joyful for what we have.

As many know I have been sending prayers out for my son Jacob, his father and stepmother. They have been having much turmoil in their home and have had many struggles. The wonderful Lord has responded to the prayers and Jacob came home with us! At this point it is a temporary situation. I continue to pray for his father and stepmother and for us all to be able to agree upon the best for Jacob. With him moving in with us our house seems a bit small. But I have chosen to believe that we are not overfilled within our HOUSE, But we ARE living in a HOME filled with LOVE!

While we were north my daughter, Alexis, enrolled in college and will be starting in May. I am so proud of what a beautiful, mature, amazing young lady she is becoming!

Today I take a deep breath and unpack from our trip, get chores caught up, and get a game plan going! I love new challenges and I have been blessed with another homeschooler in my home!

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." ~Author Unknown

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