Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homeschooling Support Group Meeting Feb 23, 2010

It was so nice to meet with you all again. I really enjoy chatting and sharing ideas with like minded families. I would like to thank all of the children who attended, I was so impressed with such a great group of children! I am so excited about this group.

Goals for this group.
  • To share ideas and resources
  • Field trips
  • Support group
  • Occasional guest speaker
  • Socialize with other homeschooling families

Old News
  • Science Fair (Have an Offer from John S. Riley, Ph.D. to Judge. While he was a Chemistry professor he judged both Middle/High School Science Fair projects as well as Undergraduate Research presentations.)
We decided that was would be GREAT! Yet, it would be much better after the group has been built up a bit.
  • Mary Jo shared her experiences from the Modesty Seminar. This sounded very exciting! Her daughter said, "We should dress modestly not only to protect our own marriages, but also to protect others marriages". What a wonderful thing to have our children learning! As we think about this, has anyone seen the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? I asked Food lion to remove it from my child's line of vision.

New News
  • Book It Program Opens On March 1st
  • Fire Department Tour Thursday 10AM
  • Ideas For Field Trips
  • Page shared with us a series of books she reading (teenage level) called 39 Clues.

New Ideas
  • Monthly public speaking for the children.
Mary Jo said that she would like to start having the children do a monthly public speaking. This seemed like a wonderful idea. Mary Jo will be organizing this, if you are interested in having your child/children participate please let us know.
  • U pick, start planning on an event of picking strawberries. YUM!
  • It mentioned that it would help to be able to add links or documents for all to see, I am working on a way to do this.

Local Happenings
  • LoweBot: Saturday 02/27/2010
  • The Knack Science 2/27/2010 1:00pm

Resources Shared

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