Thursday, May 6, 2010

NC Aquarium

A day at the Aquarium with Havelock Homegrown Kids. We had a wonderful, exciting, educational time. Lots of neat things to see, tons to learn, and fun with new friends!

We got to hold a starfish, pet a stingray, watch a hermit crab find a new home. They do a fish feeding daily at about 10:30, we watched divers jump into the tank with SHARKS! There was a jelly fish, and fishes galore! A huge exhibit about turtles, otters were at play. They sure put a show on for us! Johnny liked watching the BIG fish, Tyra enjoyed the stingrays and talking to the lady that worked there. We found her very knowledgeable. Jacob found the Sand Tiger Sharks interesting. We all enjoyed the blizzards afterwards!

Thank you to NC Aquarium and all the supporters for such a fun filled, educational day! We look forward to our return!

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